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You can find here all the questions that are frequently asked and can help you navigate our different services. If you still have other questions, please contact us by email. 

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy uses vacuum, stretching devices to create negative pressure mechanically release adhesions from the body. It also increases the blood flow to targeted areas of the body.

What are the benefits of cupping?

It alleviates pain, activates the muscles in the area, allows the circulation in the body to increase, stimulates bone marrow, enhances immunity and improves the mood by relaxing the body and improving the secretion of endogenous endorphins and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

What is cupping used for?

This treatment could alleviate pain, reduce cellulite, and activate muscles in the face for a facelift.
Cupping can also use it to treat skin, blood, respiratory, back pain, nerve conditions, boost energy, enhance better sleep quality, etc.

How long are cupping sessions?

It depends on the kind of cupping, age of the client, what is it used for and the many other factors, and it varies from 30 min (older than 80 years old or younger than 12 years usually require shorter, more focused sessions) to 60 min (Athletes, youths and beatifying and combined sessions). The price is divided according to the type of treatment and the amount of time, effort and experience it takes.

How often can I get cupping?

Cupping can be done as often as three times a week. However, individualized custom-made programs are made to satisfy your needs and schedule and fit your budget. This is also depending on the client and their health background.

Is cupping painful?

Cupping often has a more relaxing feeling because of the sedative effect it has on the nervous system. However, during cupping, the cups will have a suctioning impact on the back regardless of the kind (fire, magnetic, kinetic). However, if this discomfort occurs, it can be adjusted, or if you choose to keep it, it will last for a couple of minutes.

Is cupping safe for pregnant women?

Each pregnant woman will need a very particular plan created by our expert; some cupping points can cause abortion or preterm labour if done by a practitioner that lacks medical knowledge.

What kind of people should avoid cupping?

People with hemophilia.
Patients with diabetes with very high blood sugar levels or can’t feel pain or heat properly.
People who recently shaved (4 hours prior), after sunburn, after aggressive exfoliation (cupping is avoided only in that area).

Why do ‘colours/bruises’ form after cupping?

These are not bruises, but rather toxins and old blood brought to the surface. In Chinese medicine, they call these coloured circles Sha.

Do you sanitize your cups?

Silicone cups are sanitized according to the public health agency standards. They never touch blood or anyone with a skin condition. You may ask to buy your cups from our office to receive the gliding cupping session before your initial cupping session at an extra cost.
Cups used for hijama are given to you at the end of the session, never used for any other person. You can choose to keep them or throw them at your convenience.

Do you sanitize needles?

We use disposable one-use needles of very high quality that are disposed of right after usage.
Single-use needles are our office policy. If you go for blood donation, this question will not affect your ability to donate blood.

Are our services covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies do not cover cupping. Our clients come for consultancy after exhausting their insurance money, when they try everything else with no improvement, or when they get a doctor’s prescription/recommendation to come to us (will not be covered by OHIP).

What are forms of payments accepted?

We accept all forms of payments except cheques and American Express.

Do we give receipts?

We give electronic receipts sent to your email once the payment is complete.

How do I know if my insurance company will pay for the services at the Ottawa Cupping Therapy?

It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company before coming to our office. Different insurance companies have additional coverages, and each insurance company has many levels of coverage.
Keywords to use with insurance companies: Cupping, other practitioners, and practitioner not listed

Do we provide cupping courses and training?

Yes, we do. More information can be found at:

Other services provided at our office:

• Kinetic taping
• Sport injury protocols for recovery
• Foot pain management
• Coaching (Personal, teens and family coaching)
• Cranial pain
• Migraines management
• Soon: Chinese massage by Dec 2021

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